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  • It is our pleasure to have you as guests on our property. To enhance your safety and ensure you have a pleasurable experience, we require that all guests abide by the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in you being requested to leave the property. If intoxicated, you will be expected to call a taxi at your expense or arrange a sober driver.

  • We require that all guests register with us on arrival. We are required by law to know who is on the property at all times. Any person on our property not registered upon arrival will be deemed to be trespassing. 

  • Alcohol consumption. It is a privilege not a right to consume alcohol whilst camping at Gootchie Creek Escape. Zero tolerance is the policy for drunk, disorderly, abusive or aggressive behaviour. No consumption by minors is allowed. No sale in any form allowed without consent of owners and appropriate licences taken out.

  • Activities. While engaged in any activity on the property you must practice common safety procedures and give consideration to others.

  • Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible person in particular when using the amenities and around creeks, Billabongs and Dams.
    Children under 6 years of age or handicapped children must be accompanied by an adult at the amenities block at all times.

  • Speed limit within the property is walking pace. (Under 10km per hour). Normal road rules apply on all tracks on the property. Bicycle riders must wear their helmets. Please note that track conditions will change in wet weather. The driver of the vehicle is responsible at all times. No unregistered motorbikes or mini bikes allowed.

  • Firewood - is available on site to purchase. You may bring your own split wood. You must not enter neighbouring private property to collect wood. Fires are permitted but must be restricted to the fire pits located at the various campsites. If you don’t have a fire pit, you cannot light a fire on the ground as this is a bush fire hazard.
    Do not leave campfires unattended. No open fires allowed during fire ban periods.

  • Noise : Most people come here to relax and enjoy the quiet beauty, let them do this by
    1. No noise after 9.30pm. No unreasonable noise at any time.
    2. No loud radio or amplified noise at any time including car radios.
    3. Camp parties are to keep voices low as noise (particularly loud laughter) carries at night.

  • Toilets are septic ; do not put any foreign material or liquid down them. Use the bins provided for personal hygiene items and dirty nappies. Put the lid down when you are finished. No cigarette butts. No chemical toilets to be emptied into toilets, No buckets or volume of liquids. 

  • Water is pumped from a bore. As it is a precious commodity please use sensibly. Rainwater is available at the amenity blocks. Signs at taps indicate rain or bore water.

  • Gootchie Creek Escape is a natural environment including native animals, which may require caution eg; Kangaroos, reptiles, ticks etc. Flora and fauna are to be left as found.

  • Water activities can be dangerous. The creek and billabongs change with the seasons. Do not assume it is safe to swim, jump or dive in. Strictly do not allow children to play on the bridge. Parents and guardians are to be responsible for supervision of minors at all times whilst camping at Gootchie Creek Escape.

  • Emergency Assembly Area. In the event of an emergency all guests on the property are to assemble in the area near the bridge crossing the creek.

  • Falling Tree Limbs. Be aware that tree limbs can fall, management of Gootchie Creek Escape take no responsibility for damage or injury caused by falling tree limbs, camping is at your risk.

  • Firearms are not allowed.

  • Generators may be permitted by management for 1.5hrs morning and afternoon for recharging batteries.

  • Chainsaws are not allowed.

  • Camp areas to be left clean and tidy. Rubbish is to be taken off the property with you when you leave.

  • Emergency contact numbers posted outside office and on the site map you are given on arrival.

  • Check out time - We are flexible with departure times; however, your site must be vacated by 11am the day of departure (unless otherwise arranged).

  • Web-site photographs we are constantly taking photographs for our web-site of the events and activities which may from time to time include persons from your group.


  • Dogs must be kept tethered or leashed at all times whilst on our property.

  • The dog owner shall be responsible for any damage caused by the dog(s) to any persons or other animals on the property.

  • The Dog/s must not be allowed to enter other campsites or neighbouring properties at any time.

  • Dog owners will remove, pick up and dispose of any dog droppings in a plastic bag and place in rubbish.

  • No dogs are permitted to enter the amenities blocks, office/shop and must be kept clear of all entry ways at all times.

  • All dogs are to remain tethered after dark within the owner's campsite.

  • No dog is to be left unattended. (You go out. The dog goes with you).

  • Owners must minimise disturbance to others by controlling barking at all times.

  • Any dog that has an aggressive nature or shows aggression to other patrons or animals may be asked to leave.
    Such animals will not be welcome to return.

  • Young children (under 10 yrs) must not be given sole care of a dog at any time.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your booking, we require 48 hours notice to be able to move your deposit to another date of your choice. If cancellation occurs under this 48 hour period 1 full nights fee will be taken from your booking. 

We do not give refunds, we will leave all payments in credit for another visit.

All bookings Require a deposit to be paid.

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